Heat Cloud project in self-build Berkshire home

Jul 10, 2022 | Self-Build

The homeowners first approached Heat Cloud in early 2021 and since then have been on their Heat Cloud journey. The couple contacted Heat Cloud via social media as they were looking for a heating and cooling system for their self-build project that would work with an Air Source Heat Pump.

From the start of their journey, the Heat Cloud team have been there every step of the way helping and guiding the couple with their project. Heat Cloud has been installed in most rooms within the self-build property and the project is soon to be complete. Below are a few pictures from the project so far.

Heat Cloud works perfectly with renewable systems such as heat pumps as they provide low-temperature water to the panels. Add something about the water temps and why it works well?

Many self-builders are looking for alternatives to underfloor heating for many reasons – poor installation, leaks, slow response times, overheating and more. Heat Cloud on the other hand solves all of the issues that underfloor heating causes.

Rapid response times

Reduced system temperatures

energy savings

Lower space temperature

Low maintenance

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