Heat Cloud

What is Heat Cloud?

Heat Cloud is a high tech radiant panel offering efficient heating and cooling performance from low water temperature systems, such as heat pumps, along with low inertia and fast response times.

Heat Cloud sits within the building’s sub-structure, behind plasterboard ceilings or walls, without reducing the ceiling height or room dimensions and is invisible to the occupants. The panels can be installed in metal or wooden framed ceilings.

The product is simple to install, low weight, low water volume and totally recyclable.

SPC Heat Cloud - Radiant conditioning for your home

How does Heat Cloud Work?

Heat Cloud panels are offered up to wooden or metal framed ceilings and are simply clipped or fixed into place using a standard substructure.

The panels then hang below the joists and are then connected to the heating circuit. This enables the installer to offer up the plasterboard to the ceiling and fix it into place to create the final contact whilst activating the surface by touch.

The heat emitted from Heat Cloud transmits through the plasterboard and then radiates into the room below, turning the plasterboard into the heat emitter.

The surfaces (objects, furniture, desks etc.) heated by Heat Cloud then add heat to the room and occupants through radiant heat transfer. The air in the room is transparent to the radiant heat and only surfaces and occupants are directly heated by the radiant transfer. Room air is indirectly heated by convection across the heated surfaces.

When using radiant heat, space air temperatures can be kept around 3°C below the temperatures used for convective systems with no reduction in perceived comfort. The result of this and the system’s rapid response times combine to reduce energy bills.

Suitable for wooden and metal framed ceilings

Why Choose Heat Cloud?

20% saving on energy bills compared to underfloor heating

20% saving on energy bills compared to underfloor heating

Rapid heat up and cool down times

Rapid heat up and cool down times

Reduced system temperatures

Reduced system temperatures

Easy to install

Easy to install

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Comfort and Wellbeing

The low inertia and rapid response times of Heat Cloud ensure that rooms conditioned by Heat Cloud offer a constant, high level of comfort.

Install Costs

Installation is simple and extremely cost-effective. The panels clip into existing wall and ceiling structures as a first fix item and the system requires minimal maintenance, providing a long service life.

Energy Efficiency

Energy savings of 30-50 % can be achieved when using the Heat Cloud product. The savings accrue from the adoption of lower space temperatures, quicker start-up and response times and reduced system temperatures.


Heat Cloud provides a single, low maintenance system for heating and/or cooling with no intrusion into the living space. Because Heat Cloud is hidden behind room surfaces there is no reduction in the room dimensions or a need for increased ceiling height to accommodate ducting.

With a 20% saving on energy bills compared to underfloor heating, why would you not choose Heat Cloud?

Heat Cloud For Cooling

Heat Cloud for cooling

By supplying chilled water to the panels, the internal surfaces of the room can be lowered below those of the space and its occupants (typically 14-19°C). The Heat Cloud panels then provide an efficient and comfortable radiant cooling system for use in the summer months.

These relatively high water temperatures for cooling mean chillers can offer increased efficiency and reversible heat pumps can be incorporated for low cost cooling and year round operation.