Heat Cloud: The Future of Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Heating

Jul 12, 2023 | News

An exciting collaboration took place at Howarth Building Services (Rochdale) as Neil Hudson joined Ken Hood from AUK Distribution to discuss heat pumps and introduce SPC’s Heat Cloud system!

The day started off with an engaging and informative heat pump presentation by Ken Hood, who talked the group through the different types of heat pumps, how they work and the different types of heat emitters that can be paired with heat pumps such as radiators, underfloor heating, and low-level LTHW radiant heaters. However, these conventional systems come with their limitations and drawbacks when paired with heat pumps.

Radiators, for instance, require larger sizes to achieve higher heat outputs, while underfloor heating can be sluggish and unresponsive due to its inherent lag. Additionally, low-level LTHW radiant heaters require extensive surface area to effectively heat a room, and their positioning at a lower level can be easily obstructed by furniture such as sofas, tables, and chairs.

Following on from Ken’s heat pump presentation, Neil introduced the group to Heat Cloud – an innovative LTHW radiant heat emitter currently leading the way in energy efficiency and compatibility with heat pumps. The concept behind Heat Cloud is similar to the functionality of lighting systems. Just as lights are installed in the ceiling, illuminating the space below, Heat Cloud is installed within the ceiling structure, concealed behind plasterboard panels. Heat Cloud radiates heat downwards onto objects and occupants, creating a comfortable and warm environment.

The team at Howarth Building Services left the presentations with a better understanding of heat emitters and their compatibility with heat pumps. With the introduction of Heat Cloud, they gained valuable insights into a new system that promises enhanced efficiency and compatibility in heating systems.

Heat Cloud & AUK Presentation for Howarth Building Services (Rochdale)

Rapid response times

Reduced system temperatures

Energy savings

Lower space temperature

Low maintenance

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