5 Reasons Why Heat Cloud is Better Than Underfloor Heating and Radiators

Oct 9, 2023 | Post

SPC Heat Cloud offers an energy-efficient alternative to traditional underfloor heating and radiators. Here are five compelling reasons why Heat Cloud should be your top choice:

1. Enhanced Efficiency and Energy Conservation 

Heat Cloud is highly efficient in heating spaces, ensuring even heat distribution by warming people and objects through radiant heating. In contrast, radiators often experience heat loss and uneven warming, resulting in energy wastage and higher energy bills.

2. Quick Installation and Minimal Disruption


Heat Cloud is known for its swift and trouble-free installation. Compared to underfloor heating, which demands considerable time and effort to set up, Heat Cloud can be easily attached to wooden joists or metal framed ceilings.

3. Compact and Efficient Design

Heat Cloud offers a compact heating solution, saving space effectively. Unlike radiators and underfloor heating, which occupy wall or floor space, Heat Cloud is discreetly integrated into the ceiling or walls behind the plasterboard, providing more design flexibility.

4. Rapid Response Times


Underfloor heating and radiators require time to reach optimal heating levels, whereas Heat Cloud heats up within minutes of activation. This quick response contributes to energy savings, eliminating the need for extended system operation to attain desired heating levels.

5. Radiant Heating: A Superior Choice to Convection


Utilising radiant heat allows maintaining space air temperatures approximately 3°C lower than those needed for convection systems, without compromising comfort. The quick response of Heat Cloud, combined with radiant heating, leads to reduced energy expenditures.

5 Reasons Why SPC Heat Cloud is Better Than Underfloor Heating and Radiators Infographic

In summary, Heat Cloud stands out as an efficient, space-saving, and quick heating solution that provides consistent warmth while optimising energy usage. Make the smart choice and switch to Heat Cloud today for a more efficient and comfortable heating experience.

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