Ensuring Part O Compliance: SPC Heat Cloud Offers the Optimal Solution for Developments with Air and Noise Pollution

May 15, 2024 | Post

Part O Compliance: A Growing Focus

Architects, Building Developers, and Contractors across the UK are increasingly navigating the demands of Part O within the Building Regulations. This regulation plays a crucial role in mitigating overheating risks in new residential and certain non-residential buildings. With a recent focus on maintaining internal temperatures below 26°C, achieving Part O compliance becomes even more critical.
Part O - Overheating in buildings

Part O and the Challenge of Air and Noise Pollution

However, achieving Part O compliance can be a complex challenge when both air and noise pollution from roads, airports, railways, or industrial areas necessitate limited window openings. Traditional cooling systems that rely on condensate drainage pose difficulties in such scenarios. These systems require ongoing maintenance and can potentially compromise indoor air quality due to condensate management.

SPC Heat Cloud: The Innovative Solution

SPC Heat Cloud presents a solution for achieving optimal Part O compliance in these challenging environments with limited window options. Our innovative system offers several key advantages:

Condensate-Free Absorption Cooling: Unlike conventional systems, Heat Cloud utilises high-temperature absorption cooling (operating at 15°C/18°C to 26°C). This technology surpasses the dew point, eliminating the need for condensate drains and the associated maintenance concerns.

Uncompromised Comfort in Polluted Environments: Maintain essential acoustic and air quality insulation by keeping windows closed without sacrificing occupant comfort. Heat Cloud ensures a cool and comfortable living space even with limited ventilation possibilities.

Sustainable and Efficient Design: Heat Cloud uses low water temperature technology, maximising the efficiency of popular heat pump systems for an environmentally friendly solution.

Beyond Cooling: A Complete Comfort Solution

It’s important to note that SPC Heat Cloud goes beyond just cooling. This versatile system also provides efficient radiant heating, offering a complete year-round comfort solution.

Part O Compliance and Beyond

SPC Heat Cloud allows you to go beyond simply meeting Part O regulations. Our system prioritises occupant comfort and environmental responsibility, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.
Highrise buildings in large city

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