Berkshire Home

Berkshire Home

Berkshire Home Self Build

The owners of the Berkshire House have been on their self-build journey since early 2021, looking to build their dream home! The couple contacted SPC Heat Cloud via social media as they were looking for an energy-efficient heating and cooling system for their self-build home that would work with an air source heat pump.

Heat Cloud has been installed throughout the property which has been constructed from structural insulated panels (SIPS).  The project is soon to be completed with the final fix interior touches to be added.

Darren Johnson and the team at Air Craft (Southern) Limited, one of our Heat Cloud Accredited Installers have been a part of this project from the very start, installing Heat Cloud as well as the reverse cycle air source heat pump. The reverse cycle air source heat pump will allow Heat Cloud to be used for seasonal cooling during the summer months.

Below are a few pictures from the project showing the installation of the Heat Cloud panels along with thermal images of the panels heating up and cooling down during the testing and commissioning of the system. Heat up times were around 5-10 minutes with cooling taking around 10 minutes.


Berkshire House



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