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Looe Holiday Homes New Build

The owner of two newly constructed holiday homes in Looe, Cornwall is currently improving the properties, which involves the process of installing a radiant heating and cooling system to complement the reverse-cycle heat pumps in each of the properties.

After a previous letdown from a different radiant panel manufacturer, the owner discovered Heat Cloud through Modern Heating & Cooling Solutions, one of our accredited installers, and also visited the Heat Cloud stand at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre.

From the outset, Heat Cloud has provided support to both the installer and the customer. Initial on-site assessments were conducted to determine appropriate panel dimensions and installation methods for the wooden joist ceilings.

Heat Cloud has been installed in wooden ceilings in both properties, delivering efficient, comfortable radiant heating and cooling. By pairing Heat Cloud panels with reverse cycle heat pumps, the system not only offers heating but also radiant cooling for the summer months. The project is to be completed by the end of August.


Looe Holiday Homes



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